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Pregnancy course
With this course you will get some answers about your upcomming labour. Together with your partner you’ll recieve information about the womb and contractions, about counter pressure, about relaxation, about breathing, about positioning. Everything you and your partner want to know, so you’ll be prepared for this life changing event, called birth. 
We’ll practice the breathing and positioning so you can already discover if this works for you. Remember it’s all optional and that there is a lot to choose from. I’ll talk you trough it. 

The course will take 4 hours and can be done in one day. If you prefer online, we can do that aswell. Then we have the option to splitt in 2×2 hours or even 4×1 hour. 

With this course we take more time for relaxation and building trust. We go deeper into your feelings around birth. Maybe you feel anxious or you’ve heard so many story’s you feel insecure. 
Remeber that you can influence your body and mind with positive vibes and thoughts. 
With meditation, relaxation techniques and time we’ll work togheter to a better, safer and more secure feeling.
Birth is a natural process and finding the comfort to trust this process is someting to work up to.

For this course we will meet 3 or 4 times, depending on our agenda’s. Every meeting will have a theme like; theory, practice, relaxation.
And of course there is always time for specific questions and own input.

This course is also includes your partner and practical information. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Or fill in the contact form and I will talk to you soon.